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bad research…or bad reporting?

This is an example of the perils (morbidity, mortality, and financial) of mathematical manipulation of data by researchers in basing broad conclusions without more fully understanding the processes and externalities involved: Unnecessary anesthesia adds $1B to health spending – FierceHealthcare … Continue reading

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TOC in the OR visualized…

Ah….  theory of constraints… This is a visual representation to help with handling constraints in the OR.  For those who use TOC, be aware that the person represented by the green bar (‘Anes MD presence’) could be simultaneously supervising four … Continue reading

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understanding visual analytics… and others

What’s wrong with this picture; I see what you mean; I hear where you’re coming from; Something doesn’t feel right: These statements represent analytics. Analytics can be defined as the presentation of input in such a way that it taps … Continue reading

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the law of unintended consequences…staffing anesthesiologists

Value: easily and potentially > than $1,000,000 a year Let’s suppose that a hospital wants fellowship trained anesthesiologists to do all their cases: pediatric anesthesia fellowship for all pediatric cases, neuroanesthesia fellowship for all neuro cases, ob-gyn fellowship for all … Continue reading

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How to Tell the Productive Surgeons from the non-Productive

The previous blogs were concerned with economic gains for the different parties (surgeon, anesthesia, hospital) by optimizing the relationship each case had with another case (inter-case) — the OR schedule.  Each OR is dramatically different, and what works for one … Continue reading

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