not your father’s OR scheduler…

Want to know who’s doing what, when: With what?  What’s starting when? Who’s got to be there? How many whos? Can you let a few people off early?  Can you start a few people late?  How many people need to be broken for lunch? How many (and which) cases are starting in the next 15 minutes?  The next 30 minutes? The next hour?

The vertical colored bars are moveable and help provide filtering for input into multiple hierarchial outline structures.

Flip specific cases and see what the effect is? Got a few seconds?  See if  moving a couple of cases by a few minutes decreases the number of OR crews you need that day, or the number of CRNAs you need.  Can you shift a few things slightly and take off earlier for your 3 day weekend?

Need to calm a surgeon by visually explaining what’s going on? Show how he benefits?  Help him offer reasonable suggestions that benefit you and him while you look at the effects of changes to the schedule.

Want a simpler view?  Just your cases?  Just your people? Only the cholecystectomies? Move a tailored view to another monitor so people can look at it without interfering with those inputting data and running the schedule.

The constraint in scheduling will no longer be the ability to follow the cases, it will be in not having a scheduler who understands lean, risk, constraint theory, economics…and politics.

About Brian D Gregory MD, MBA

Board Certified Anesthesiologist for 30 years. TOC design and implement for 30 years. MBA from U of Georgia '90: Finance, Data Management, Risk Management. Practiced in multiple US states and Saudi Arabia at KFSH&RC and KFMC Taught residents in two locations. Worked with CRNAs for 20 years.
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