OR scheduling concept map (concept diagram)…

A few years ago I diagrammed several concepts involved in scheduling an OR onto this graph.  The intent was to take advantage (or nullify disadvantages) of characteristics of individual surgeons and anesthetists. The interplay of these concepts and individual factors result in how many cases are done in a set amount of time.  Sooner or later I’ll get around to re-doing this graph, but it was initially created to remind myself of the factors involved as I modified software to use for scheduling in the OR.  Since I’ve  finished the software, all these concepts seem obvious; but I realize they aren’t for many people.

I love puzzles, so I’m posting this graph. There’s a wealth of information for those who can seen the patterns. It is ‘dense’ with concepts. (sorry about the resolution..it’s a scan of an old file)

<click on the graph to enlarge it>

About Brian D Gregory MD, MBA

Board Certified Anesthesiologist for 30 years. TOC design and implement for 30 years. MBA from U of Georgia '90: Finance, Data Management, Risk Management. Practiced in multiple US states and Saudi Arabia at KFSH&RC and KFMC Taught residents in two locations. Worked with CRNAs for 20 years.
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2 Responses to OR scheduling concept map (concept diagram)…

  1. @Adam – There are several dedicated gantt chart programs that detail down to the minute, and even programs that aren’t gantt charts but can mimic them (and much more). However, there are significant differences among them: different strengths, different weaknesses, different insights. You have to decide which questions you want to ask, what exactly you want to follow, and how visually analytic you want to get. I’ve used three different schedulers in my blogs. The concept map in this post was painstakingly created a few years ago with the help of Omnigraffle. Now-a-days I could replicate it and tailor it to different types of procedures, surgeons, or other resources to alter the schedule and cases as they are occurring. – Brian

  2. Adam says:

    Do you mind telling me what software you used to create this? All the Gantt chart apps I have seen only go down to hours. I want one that goes to minutes.

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