Using what you have…

The graph below contains sets of useful abilities/tools for running a hospital. Each black line connects a group of people to abilities and tools they use (solid black) or might use (dashed black).  Every hospital will show a different set of connections for different persons, and this particular graph in no way represents every hospital. In one hospital, an industrial engineer might be an expert with strategic tools;  in a different hospital, the CFO or a physician might have that ability. My point is that someone in the hospital needs these abilities, and the persons making the decisions for the hospital need access to those people and their thoughts.  A good, modern communication and information system for accessing those thoughts would create a flatter corporate structure for tapping into the resources and abilities that are present.

About Brian D Gregory MD, MBA

Board Certified Anesthesiologist for 30 years. TOC design and implement for 30 years. MBA from U of Georgia '90: Finance, Data Management, Risk Management. Practiced in multiple US states and Saudi Arabia at KFSH&RC and KFMC Taught residents in two locations. Worked with CRNAs for 20 years.
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