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MIT news: “flexibility in resources drastically improves wait times”

From MIT news (August 6, 2013)—    From theory to practice “In work beginning with his master’s thesis, Xu has shown that having even a little flexibility in resources drastically improves wait times”: I blogged about this in January 2010 … Continue reading

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Why OR staffing and scheduling is different than ER staffing and scheduling…

The OR case load has a very high daily variability of patient arrivals similar to an ER. However, unlike an ER patient’s arrival that normally may monopolize a single (or shared) ER nurse and room until the next caretaker (physician, … Continue reading

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Strategy: Graphic examples of Orthopedic cases using PAs, Flipping Rooms, and Early Starts

 The necessary clinical experience and scheduling backend to implement these strategies is assumed. For comparison, two surgeons doing similar cases are used: Dr. Schlicter is flipping between two rooms which for visualization purposes are grouped together into the blue horizontal band … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Simulations, and Experts…from Linkedin conversation

Artificial Intelligence, Simulations, and Experts I’m trying to get my head around how these all go together. For the sake of conversation, I’m posting a few statements (which may or may not be true) to get the conversation going. Any … Continue reading

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