GIGs: Group Interactivity Graphs

Group Interactivity Graphs (GIGs) are a family of graphical expressions of  TOC concepts that have been applied to healthcare for over 30 years in some facilities.

Every facility will have differently weighted variables influencing their final net profit and how they share total profit with others (docs, labs, insurers and plans, etc.) involved. The strategic and tactical choices of managerial accounting method, capacity utilization, and constraints are important for a competitive cost for any patient. Detailed implementation at the clinical hands-on level are major drivers.

Fortunately, GIGs can be immediately implemented (preferably in the OR) while all clinical personnel –in an apprenticeship like fashion– quickly learn the basic concepts and adapt them to their own domain knowledge daily during actual use. They will help coordinate activity and increase capacity utilization and optimize idle time by dynamically (in real time as it’s needed) pulling and integrating information from multiple participants’ local (domain) knowledge for increased coordination, concept acquisition, and productivity –a healthcare scrum.

As these concepts and techniques are developed, they will organically grow and can be transferred to other departments creating iterative improvements on a facility wide basis ––clarifying, optimizing, and coordinating throughput choices from the ground level to the C-suite.